FeetMe Solutions

FeetMe offers solutions to assess, rehabilitate and assist patients suffering from mobility disorders

They are built around smart devices that combine wearable sensors and embedded smart algorithms.


FeetMe® Evaluation is a mobile application paired with FeetMe device to vizualise mobility parameters. The device collects and analyzes mobility spatio-temporal parameters and their variability over time thanks to smart embedded algorithms and wireless connexion.

  1. FeetMe wearables collect and analyze data in real time and real world setting.

  2. FeetMe® Evaluation mobile application provides real time gait parameters vizualisation and data transfer.

  3. FeetMe® Evaluation platform provides physicians informations in real time to follow and compare patients evolutions.

  4. FeetMe collected data is compared with internal dataset.


FeetMe® Evaluation Mobility is the solution for gait and posture analysis.

FeetMe® Rehabilitation is real time smartphone based biofeedback solution composed our rehabilitation exercices to help patients at home train and improve mobility outcomes. FeetMe associates an online platform where physicians can choose patients exercises and follow their progress over time.

  1. FeetMe wearables collect and analyze data in real time and real world setting.

  2. FeetMe® Rehabilitation mobile application provides patient real time biofeedback in order to help him better achieve his goals.

  3. FeetMe® Evaluation platform provides physicians informations in real time to follow and compare patients evolutions over time.


FeetMe® Rehabilitation Mobility is the solution for gait and posture rehabilitation.

FeetMe® Stimulate is an active device associated with FeetMe device inclosed loop using neuromodulation techniques to improve gait quality and capacity in real world setting.

  1. FeetMe wearables seamlessly collect real world data. Paired with non invasive FeetMe® Stimulate device, they provide information on movement in real time.

  2. FeetMe® Stimulate is connected to a FeetMe wearable and use a personnalized stimulation principle to help the patient with with a specific movement disorder symptom.


FeetMe® Stimulate Mobility is the solution to improve gait and posture.

FeetMe Solutions Benefits

Thanks to seamlessly used devices, real world data, high precision measurements and smart and targeted analysis per clinical use case, FeetMe solutions bring added value for both patients, physicians, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Benefits for patients

  • First real world and real time gait analysis.
  • Real mobility evolution follow-up.
  • Objective and quantitative mobility data, precious for your medical consultation.
  • Unique access to personnalized home rehabilitation programs, from home and with remote medical monitoring.
  • Faster home return with ambulatory rehabilitation.
  • Improve gait, functional capacity and quality of life.

Benefits for physicians and hospitals

  • Help to identify potential treatements contraindications based on gait disorders.
  • Help switching between treatments thanks to quantitative gait assesment.
  • Save medical time during evaluation thanks to simplified measurements.
  • For the first time, a relevant and quantitative remote home evaluation.
  • Reduce hospitalization time thanks home based and remote rehabilitation programs.
  • Optimize human ressources required to support repetitive tasks in rehabilitation.

Benefits for pharma

  • Collect real world data to validate efficacy of treatments in real world.
  • Optimize clinical trials thanks to high precision measurements: accelerate demonstration, reduce number of patients to include and reduce the hetereogeneity of samples.
  • Allows the data collection of pharmaco-vigilance post-market data in real world setting.
  • Raw data is available and FeetMe provides a SDK for advanced integration with our partner applications.


Today, with its platform, FeetMe proposes solutions ranging from clinical evaluation for patients up to clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies.

Uses FeetMe®
Hospital Evaluation
Clinical Trials

Targeted disease areas

Among the various diseases targeting mobility, FeetMe focus first on neurodegenerative diseases and especially in Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson disease.

Pathologies FeetMe®
Elderly falls
Orthopedic surgery
Diabetic foot
Phantom limb pain
  • Clinical trials in process
  • Clinical trials to come
  • Inapplicable

For other diseases impacting mobility and non listed here, feel free to contact us to submit a research project: contact us

FeetMe Devices

FeetMe first smart device is a connected insole FeetMe® Insole and has been iterating on it for the last 4 years with research institutes, physicians and patients.

The goal of FeetMe is to create devices that are always easier to use and more comfortable.

To meet new medical needs, FeetMe has developed skills to create new connected medical devices. For more informations: contact us